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Opinion Letters Deceptive by design?

The conversation about energy prices needs a bit of clarification and fact checking. The sign in front of the Macon County Tea Party Headquarters touts that when President Obama took office gasoline sold for $1.81 per gallon. What’s not on the sign is that six months earlier, the national average price for regular gasoline was $4.11 per gallon, the highest price in history. Why the drop? People don’t drive as much when they are out of work or fear losing their jobs. Similarly, companies are not delivering goods when they don’t have customers.

A similar phenomenon occurred with natural gas prices. In July 2008, the wellhead price for natural gas was $10.79 per thousand cubic feet. By November 2008 it had dropped to $5.94 as we moved perilously close to a depression. In June of this year, the wellhead price for natural gas was only $2.54 due to abundant supply exceeding demand. Unfortunately, you were paying over $14 at your home, but that’s still a lot better than the almost $21 you were paying in July 2008 toward the end of the previous administration.

Please check the facts, and all of the facts, as you make your decisions.

John Gladden — Franklin, N.C.


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