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Opinion Letters Is death good or bad?

We sense that we’re in control and we are our own destiny, but then nature brings us to the reality that we have no control over the end of life. Life begins to be viewed more lightly, and death more seriously. Death puts life into question and forces us to think more sharply, as a laser with pin point procession. It’s been stated "when a man knows he is to be hanged by night fall, it concentrates his mind wonderfully." Death is the worst and final reality, the loss of everything earthly. But yet it can be a new beginning or open door if it leads to Heaven. Man within the working of nature has always wanted to escape the inevitable, seeking for a fountain of youth, or a scientific cure so we can live forever. Then nature comes with its trump card, and we’re staring at death once again. Until death is conquered, nature will not be conquered.

In modern society our technology has given us a magical sense and control of life. We can go anywhere in the world, gain wisdom and knowledge, have our senses fooled into thinking and feeling that it’s real even though it’s just an illusion. All this can be done while we’re sitting comfortably in our easy chair. The problem is we have just substituted the reality for the wishes of men. For many this can be either an escape from the present life, or to move fast forward to a false reality. Escaping the realities of life has always been with us, but in the final reality, there is no escaping. This seems cruel and unfair, doesn't it? Modern man is no happier than ancient man and for the non-Christian this is the end of any hope.

Life is a journey, and its essence exists upon relationships, without this there is no real life or living.

Death seems so final and the end of relationships forever. Death is a different dimension or extension of life that I believe is a more full and robust journey, but has its direction decided within our choices made in the life we now live.

Religions are questionable, but a real quest for a loving relationship with God is all that has been sought after since the beginning. All humanity is in search for meaning whether you put a trust in God, nature, humanity or self. The realities within creation are evident of a supreme being seeking a relationship with us that lasts throughout eternity, even through death. He Himself (Christ) anguished over death (Luke 22:44) just as many of us do. But he knew he had to suffer greatly, not for Himself but for you and me, this is His love in seeking a relationship with us and He's asking us to accept this, but only if we choose. The yearning in our heart and soul for lasting love and relationships can only be filled by the One who conquered death, but the self or mind has difficulty in accepting this (1 Cor. I: 18).

Keep thinking,

Deni Shepard — Franklin, N.C.

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