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Opinion Letters Sharing road with lazy drivers ‘unnerving’

I have been toying with the idea of writing this letter to the editor about lazy drivers for a few weeks. After having been forced out of my lane on a curve last week and having another close call with a poor driver, I decided it was time to write.

Why can't drivers around Franklin keep their vehicle in their own lane? I can't count the times a driver has gone over the double yellow lines into my lane while we were on a curvy mountain road (sometimes on a straight stretch too). As you know those lanes aren't extra wide to begin with, so having another motorist try to share my side of the road is unnerving.

This particular situation can't be blamed on older drivers, young drivers, or middle aged drivers. These people behind the wheel are just plain lazy drivers. It makes me nervous to share the road with them.

Next time you are driving on a curvy mountain road (or a straight one), make sure you are always in your own lane. Don't be one of the lazy drivers.

Beth Quinn — Franklin, N.C.

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