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Opinion Letters How can we know the truth?

Many voices clamor for our attention. Who do we listen to, and why do we think we can believe them?

The current political season abounds with much rhetoric, sounding extremely negative, destructive and sometimes downright volatile, each candidate declaring he/she is the one who speaks the truth.

You can sense the resulting confusion. All sound sincere and make their point effectively. However, how can we know if they are really telling the truth?

This question has been asked throughout the ages. When Jesus was brought to Pilate for judgment, Pilate asked, “What is the truth?” After washing his hands of “this innocent man,” he allowed Jesus to be crucified to appease the loud, protesting crowd. Today, has truth been sacrificed for expediency? Yes.

Most of the time we look at facts to see what is true. Is this a veritable test? Facts can be and are, misrepresented to support the candidate’s view and aspirations. Searching the web for answers is not reliable as, again, we will find facts laced with opinion, deception and manipulation.

Another method of searching for truth is to weigh what is said against our own experiences and teachings. If we are honest, most of us would have to say that this standard has not always proved to be right and just, and has not always brought the results we expected.

As I was pondering this, I opened my Bible to the gospel of John. My eyes fell on a verse I had underlined in John 17. As Jesus prayed for His disciples, in verse seventeen, He said, “Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth.”

While we cannot trust other standards to reveal truth, we can trust the word of God. It stands true, pure, just, and transparent, proven over centuries of time. No matter what situation we face, and no matter what others say is the truth, if we apply this standard against facts, speculations, deception and opinions we can separate truth from falsehood.

The truth of God's word is based on the integrity and righteousness of who God is. We cannot find truth outside of His principles and His character. You can't separate God from His written and spoken word. The Ten Commandments are a beginning point to learn what these principles are. Most of us know them, but we should review them and use them in measuring the rhetoric we hear.

We have to measure what the candidates say, do, and believe against the principles found in God's word. If an individual does not love the truth, they are not qualified to hold public office. The motivation of greed and power will lead to betrayal, and they will succumb to the temptation of serving themselves instead of the people who elected them.

Our nation has been assaulted with much “untruth,” the noise so deafening it is almost impossible to hear the truth. Sometimes the deception and manipulation comes through an elected official, and perhaps family or friends. For the future of our country and our children and grandchildren, we desperately need to open our ears and hearts to hear the truth.

Are the candidates standing for the truth of God's word, and upon the godly truths upon which our nation was founded? If they are not, we should not elect them to represent us. This election will determine the direction our nation will go for the next four years. If we see that we made a mistake, a year or two down the road, we cannot correct it until the next election.

Will you search for truth before you vote? Will you pray and ask God who you should vote for? Will you determine, along with me, to see this great nation turn back to the godly principles that made us who we are today?

If we will, then we can answer the question: “What is truth?” (To learn more about “truth,” read John, chapters 7- 8, 14-19.)

Nelda Kyger — Franklin, N.C.


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