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Opinion Letters Neither candidate has will to change direction

It appears Mitt Romney has committed the unpardonable sin. He told the truth and now must pay the price. What ever the number of Americans dependent on government actually is, it is unnecessarily high and as much as Democrats would like to believe otherwise, womb to the tomb care is unsustainable, as Europe is sadly discovering.

Helping someone temporarily in need is one thing but when four generations in the same family are on Medicaid and receive other government handouts over decades, that's something else again. There comes a time when the so-called "safety net" becomes a web from which it is next to impossible to escape. Your surrender to that life style becomes a permanent part (as Governor Romney pointed out) of the Democratic Party base.

The makeup of our government makes change next to impossible. In the 112th Congress Senate Democrats killed the proposals made by Senate Republicans. Conversely, House Republicans have killed ideas put forth by House Democrats. This resulted in what many Americans (including some lawmakers) refer to as "the least productive Congress ever."

With a 10 percent favorability grade, Congress has taken an early adjournment which shows us all precisely where our "representatives" hearts and minds are, solely on keeping their own jobs.

By re-electing President Obama or electing Mitt Romney and a Congress pretty evenly split between Democrats and Republicans we are guaranteeing four more years of mutual obstruction and legislative gridlock. We presently have a national debt in excess of $16T and after four more years of impasse it will likely top $20T. With costs exploding we may actually go over that "fiscal cliff" we're frequently reminded of.

Neither President Obama or Mitt Romney have the means, the will or the intent to change the direction our country is going, but we do. We have the option of voting for a candidate not beholding to special interests or the whims of the radical fringes of either major party. You and I do not have to waste our votes on the lesser of two evils, hoping against hope that things will get better for average working Americans and not just the few who are rich.

This year I'm going to cast my vote against the status quo and for real change and a better future for our posterity. I'm voting for the only person I believe can coerce this or any Congress to do what lawmakers are elected to do: make the compromises necessary to govern well. My vote is going to Libertarian, Gary Johnson.

David L. Snell — Dillsboro, N.C.

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