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Opinion Letters Not duty of government to solve your problems

What a pleasure to finally read an opinion from the Macon County News' editor that I thoroughly agree with. In your Opinion column of 9/13/12 entitled “The Culture of Unemployment” I found mirrored many of my feelings about the dependency and apathy of the unemployed. While these attitudes will not be those of all the individuals who are unemployed or have given up searching for a job, I have heard people in those situations express the feeling that it is the duty of the government to solve their problems.

It's not just people who are unemployed who seem to feel that way. Listening to some of the men and women on the street being interviewed on TV news programs about their presidential choice, have you noticed how many say something to the effect “I'm voting for the candidate that will take care of us,” or “what can he do for me and my family?” Or how about the woman whose home was flooded in the aftermath of the last hurricane that said, “It just isn't fair!” How out of touch with reality can you be, expecting life to be “fair?”

Have we seniors somehow failed to inoculate our children with the germ of self reliance? Have we as a nation decided that helping our neighbors is an out of date idea? Do those on “food stamps” know that they can use that money to buy food plants and seeds so they can raise some of their own food (which can be done even in cans or cardboard boxes)?

I vote for concern and help for those in financial distress coming more from friends, neighbors, families, private companies and religious organizations. People helping people. I see a lot of that here in Macon County.

Janet Hill — Franklin, N.C.


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