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Opinion Letters The Obama team and moral leadership

While visiting my grandsons recently, 11-year-old Sam announced he would vote for Romney because Michelle Obama was responsible for shrinking his school cafeteria cookies one-third in size.

After interrogations from the truth squad (me), with unfounded sources uncovered, I asked if he didn’t actually respect someone determined to improve kids’ health and problems of obesity. Answer: “yea, sorta” as he launched into a rap song and dance ... “Michelle shrunk our cookies ...” as I was pondering the various screwy reasons that move some adults to vote as they do.

How important is respect for the basic morality of those who supposedly run the show? Among other values, the Obama tough and high principled leadership has raised the dialogue that the economy and health of this country are dependent on a clean and moral environment. In four short years, our president, despite harsh political adversity, has tallied a heap of successes for the American people.

As promised, this administration has quickly reversed the Bush-inherited economic and war catastrophies. Obama (and Biden team) have implemented health care reform, executive orders for needed environmental regulations, created green jobs, alternative energy programs, impressive education reform and created a support system to enhance personal freedoms. Without the aid of the legislative branch, these are just some of the amazing accomplishments by this executive. The future looks good.

Mr. Obama, who won the nobel peace prize, is an intelligent, tough and courageous statesman, beloved worldwide. That helps immensely because Sam and I and probably you would like some peace in the next few years. Obama also realizes that you can’t have a healthy family here at home without a healthy planet all around us. This president is an extraordinary gentleman who thinks and walks the highground ... consistently.

So, Sam, tough-love shrunken cookies are good for you. Oh, he knows that, but often it takes ethical leaders to show us how to do the right thing. And to keep the private sector operating on a moral plane to protect the populace. That’s a legitimate function of government and one huge reason the Obama team is good for America ... and the world.

Debby Boots — Franklin, N.C.


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