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Opinion Letters Consider the legacy that will remain

I often read in this column of disapproval of North Carolina’s Republican-led legislature. Many of us have far more serious concerns than those typically expressed in this column. Principles such as the sanctity of life, the sacredness of marriage between one man and one woman, the dignity of earning one’s own way according to ability, personal accountability, and many other fundamentals are at the heart of our concerns.

I was a Democrat, but as I have heard so many others express, the Party left me. My former Party, once guided by altruistic paradigms, is no longer familiar to me. I cannot defend the Party’s position against God, communicated so loudly and clearly at the Democratic National Convention. That dishonest charade was an insult to every conscientious American.

One does not have to hold to Christian traditions to recognize the drift away from long-held American ideals. I’m not saying the Republican Party ideally suits my paradigms, but it certainly projects a far better picture of the America I want for my children and their growing families.

Do those who demonize Senator Jim Davis for voting to curtail government spending even consider the legacy that remains if we do otherwise? What has to happen to wake America up? Even honest Democrats don’t run their businesses the way some demand of their representatives. “Just keep the money rolling in” continues to be a common theme.

It is disillusionment to think that more money will improve our students’ test scores. Consider the fact that John Snow and his Democrat-led legislature kept the money rolling in while at the same time, test scores continued to descend. Davis and his fellow legislators are asking for measures-of-effectiveness data to support the investment of more hard-earned taxpayer dollars. What possible logical argument can one raise against that?

I do not write to disparage the intentions or motives of those who disagree with me, but to encourage consideration of issues far more complex than those typically expressed in this column. Two years ago, the majority elected a man who understands these complexities, a man who is actually keeping the promises he campaigned on. I will vote to re-elect the man who is getting the job done, Jim Davis.

Blessings to all,

Carl Ashlock — Franklin, N.C.


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