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Opinion Letters GOP’s main goal was to see that Obama fails

We really have a lot to think about this election. A lot of things Pres. Obama wanted to get done, but with a Republican Congress could not get any thing passed. If you think back, the first day Obama was sworn in, the GOP said their main goal was to see him fail. Not to help him or the people, just see to it he fails. Had he not helped the auto industry, does anyone realize how many people in this town alone that would have lost their jobs.

Also the GOP in some states are taking voting rights away from a lot of veterans who fought for our voting rights. They have gotten old and in nursing homes and no IDs anymore like drivers license or property owners any more.

Amendment 15 to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights gives citizens of the United States to vote. Cannot be denied account of race, color or previous condition of servitude. Also women’s rights are in danger. Soc. Sec. is not in trouble. It can pay out full benefits another 25 years. When Pres. Bush gave the wealthy a big tax cut, 8 hundred million jobs were lost every month, not a year, but a month.

Now there trying to tell us a tax cut for the wealthy will create jobs. Romney has already said he will cut education, law enforcement fire department. He said it isn’t his job to worry about the middle class. Sounds like the middle class will really have a load. He says one thing one day, then the next day says he didn’t mean it. He just says anything, as he’s not really for the people, he just wants the power. He gets so hyper, how would he handle a real crises, at least we are starting to go foreward.

Kathy Whitley — Franklin, N.C.


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