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Opinion Letters We may never get a second chance

This upcoming election is the most important election of our lifetime. I pray Americans do not get it wrong. I lived in Washington, D.C. area for over 45 years. I was working in an office building between the Capitol and the White House during the Cuban missile crisis.

Our current situation is more dangerous for our country than ever before. People living in so many countries around the world are burning our flag, destroying our embassies and killing our embassy personnel. We have an escalating debt that is almost impossible to repay. We are fearful to travel on an airplane.

My husband's ancestors were from Persia (now known as Iran). Several centuries ago, they had to leave their homeland because their country was being taken over by a group of people who wanted to convert them to their religion. Those who did not comply were killed.

We must decide whether we want to be a free nation, free to choose how we live and how we worship. I am afraid we may never have a second chance to choose the right direction for our country. We must wake up before it is too late.

Americans, please choose wisely.

Carol Lee Mehta — Franklin, N.C.


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