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Opinion Letters Voters should consider future generations

To hear the Republican candidates for president and vice president, one must think that our senior citizens are a very selfish group. Romney and Ryan continually assure us that, “Today’s seniors will not be affected by any changes to Social Security or Medicare.” OK, that's fine for me - but I am concerned not only about myself and my contemporaries, but about my children and grandchildren. What are the proposed changes going to mean in their later years?

I understand from reading various ideas proposed by financial experts that it would be possible, with a few tweaks here and there, for the Social Security and Medicare assurances to continue into the future. Yes, it might mean that upper level income earners would have higher FICA contributions, but the current level has remain unchanged for many years during which incomes have risen dramatically. The system is no longer as equitable as it used to be. Please, fellow seniors, consider your future descendants when you vote.

Kathryn Sherrard — Franklin, N.C.


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