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Opinion Letters Fact checkers put the real Romney in the open

As a child of the Great Depression, history has been my teacher as I lived it and read it. The greedy, corrupt manipulators of Wall Street, banks and our interconnected financial systems, all hand-in-glove, collasped our national economy. Leaving the wreckage of human lives without jobs or safety nets. History does repeat itself; As I had to watch President Goerge Bush and his Republican cohorts provide a safe haven (well hidden during his reign of eight years) for the same type of greedy, corrupt financial manipulators of financials sytems that brought on the many years of the Great Depression, and the “great recession” that started erupting before 2008.

Are we really as stupid and uninformed as the Republican Party obviously believes us to be? Lets look at the presidential, Republican hopeful Mitt Romney; as he really is without his public facade.

Within the past two weeks the news media fact checkers have put the real Mitt Romney out in the open as a secretly taped video at a May (Florida Republican fund raiser) of some of the rich and famous who have bought and paid for him, went viral throughout the nations internet. And on to our T.V. screens as he declares to his rapt. audience his political plans to forget about 47 percent of the American citizens who pay no taxes because they just want to live off the government and accept no responsibility for anything. He shows to his peer group of the (one percenters) his utter contempt and dislike for almost one half of the American citizens. These people who pour out the millions and millions to buy the election for him expect him to pay up by following his benefactors to pollute and destroy the environment to enrich their personal fortunes. Recently, some of the following raised 100 million in one weekend, to buy the presidency for Mr. Romney. As assorted group of money men which included Sheldon Adelson, Republican governors, Supreme Court justices, Citzens United and no telling who else put the money on the table to defeat President Obama. They know, as well as many other organizations like Citizens for Progress, people like the Texas Koch brothers, Freedom Works, etc. that President Obama will continue to fight to the finish to protect the middle class, working poor, veterans disabled adults children and elderly. He has stood up and proven by his actions he will defend Social Security, healthcare, etc. for all of us. Our president knows the middle class can’t pay off the deficit of trillions that include two wars not paid for unless everyone does their share. Yet the Republicans plan that scenario and it starts in January of 2013.

Marie Leatherwood — Franklin, N.C.


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