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Opinion Letters Tax Break Misunderstanding

The jobless rate in western North Carolina is among the highest in the country.   Republicans won many legislative seats by claiming they would create jobs and lower taxes to stimulate small businesses.  They have not passed even one effective jobs bill, but they did lower taxes on businesses.  Yes they did.  But, “small” got left out of it.  Surely, this was a “misunderstanding.”  It also gave big businesses that tax break.  This little “misunderstanding” cost the taxpayers one third of a billion dollars in lost revenue.  This would have restored a significant part of our education underfunding.
Likewise, another “misunderstanding” allowed businesses the tax break even if they did not create a single job.  $340 million tossed away as a gift to big business.

Senator Jim Davis voted for this flawed bill.  Before that fateful vote, there was to be discussion, but a senator called for a vote to pass the bill without discussion, pushing it through before anyone could question the flaws in the bill.  Senator Davis voted for the proposal to squelch the discussion that might have uncovered and corrected these “misunderstandings”.
Doctors, lawyers, realtors, professionals like Senator Davis, frequently making a million or more, got the tax break.  Surely Senator Davis with his good conscience followed the spirit of the bill and hired a jobless person.  If not, maybe he just hasn’t gotten around to it yet. 
By the way, who was the senator who proposed squelching the discussion that might have revealed the “misunderstanding”?  Our own Senator Davis.  Both God and big business will each reward Senator Davis, in their own way.
When Jim Davis asks why you did not support him, say it was just a misunderstanding, a little $340,000,000 “misunderstanding.”

Paul Roth, Cashiers, NC


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