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Opinion Letters Medicare: Who do seniors really care about?

I opened a Family Medicine Practice in Franklin in 1978. Medicare made it possible for me and my staff to provide, and my Senior patients to receive outstanding affordable medical care. Before Medicare was created only half of older adults could afford health insurance because Seniors had half the income of younger people and paid three times as much for health insurance. Republicans realize how much our Seniors depend on and appreciate Medicare so they say don't worry Seniors we will only privatize Medicare for people under 55.

Republicans don't understand that Seniors in WNC are not so selfish that they care only about themselves, and not at all about the next generation, their children and grandchildren. A neighbor was telling me he was concerned about losing his Medicare, but what really bothered him was that his son's future Medicare might become a voucher and his son would be at the mercy of private for profit insurance companies. He was an undecided, unaffiliated voter, but as he was telling me his story he began to realize it only made sense to place his trust and his vote in the hands of the Party that created and has vowed to protect Medicare and Social Security.

The Democrats want to keep traditional Medicare that has proven to be one of the most efficient and effective programs to help Seniors while Romney, Ryan, and Mark Meadows want to privatize Medicare and let Seniors fight with private for profit insurance companies whose only motive is to increase profits and CEO salaries. The choice is clear for WNC voters, vote Democratic.

Ed Morris, MD Chairman Macon County Democratic Party


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