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Whether or not Obama meets your definition of a “Socialist” or what the mainstream media is reporting, Obama has demonstrated by his policies and his first term that he has no regard for traditional American values, and no concept of what makes a capitalist society successful. Obama and his thugs are counting on us (the American people) to stay distracted while he secretly re-shapes our country into a liberal and socialist “Open Society.” The TV is not a place to learn the truth or even get objective reporting. Every American getting ready to cast his vote for Obama has the responsibility to get off his bottom and learn the truth about this pretender. There are many books and periodicals that expose Obama for who he really is. I am an independent registered voter and not one to jump at conspiracy theories but after reading several books about this man I can assure you that there is a very real insidious plot already under way to reduce our nation to a second rate country that will be just another minor player in a New World Order as envisioned by Obama and many other revolutionaries.

As far as the Democrats’ attempt to attack Mitt Romney as a fatcat, rich guy that ships job overseas ... This is a total fabrication. The truth is that big government, huge taxes, excess regulation, redistribution of wealth, union demands and a government hostile to businesses of all sizes has forced many companies to expand elsewhere just to stay alive and protect the jobs of their workers. The biggest difference between Romney and Obama is that Romney loves the country our founders created and Romney earned his wealth while Obama (who has millions) has had his wealth handed to him.

Be very afraid of a second term Obama presidency. Stop drinking the Obama Kool-aid and get informed! Please put down your computer game, tum off “Good Morning America” and read “The Amateur” by Edward Klein and/or watch the movie “2016” before you vote. God Bless America,

Chris Bullis — Franklin, N.C.


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