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Opinion Letters The pilot of our ship

I hear people say, "when is Mitt Romney going to tell us how he is going to run the country?" Using the illustration of our country being our "ship of state," I would suggest that an experienced pilot cannot tell us exactly how he is going to pilot the ship, but he can show us, through his vision for the country, when given the chance.

We gave a man the chance four years ago. We were given a lot of promises by a community organizer (who had no governing experience) calling it "hope and change." We have seen hopes fade for a bright future for our children, and lots of negative, Marxist changes. For the past four years, we have seen our country being steered by this "pilot" toward the shallows of socialism. We have seen the detrimental changes of economic downturn, excessive spending, the country heading toward financial ruin, medical plans which cost more and give fewer benefits, increases in welfare recipients through loss of jobs, homes lost, administration corruption, increases in abortions (sometimes just because the parents don't like the gender of the fetus), encouragement of same sex relationships (clearly against Biblical principles) and an increase in the national debt in astronomical proportions.

Isn't it time we had a real "change" and elected a man with a vision for America, with high moral principles, who has proven business experience as well as governing leadership? He has strong family values and work ethics, which will re-build our love of God, family and country. His primary concern is to get the country back on the track of responsibility and freedom, with more jobs and less government dependency.

Think before you vote: do you want your children and grandchildren to live in a "third world country America" or do you want them to have the same opportunities we and our ancestors have had, through freedom and individual responsibility, in a great nation which has been blessed by the one and only true God?

Joyce Roberts — Franklin, N.C.

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