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Opinion Letters A number of people are middle-of-the-road

As a working citizen, I have not paid much attention to politics until the last year. During this year I have done a lot of reading in history, economics, politics, and the free enterprise system.

It has become clear to me that both democrats and republicans are corrupt. So in an election where a third party is not a realistic option for winning who do I vote for. I was a republican until two months ago and no I am not a democrat now. Many people I talk to are middle of the road people and don't like aspects of either party.

Here are some of the things I learned from my reading:

Our country is the only one left in the world where any meaningful free enterprise exists. Keynesian economics seems to rule the world, except here where free market still has a presence. You will have to look this up, don't have room to explain it. Reagan had mostly free market advisors, President Obama has Keynesian advisors. Keynesian economics is a socialistic philosophy. Don't believe it, look it up. So is the aca collectivist or free market? and is the law as written sustainable in a free market? Probably not because the added costs of preexisting conditions, no caps on coverage, and the exploding numbers that will be covered under the new medicaid rules will bend the cost up not down. Also did you know that the insurance companies have no limits that they can charge customers they just have to use 85 percent of their income to cover claims and not use as profit. So why did insurance companies sign onto the law, 30 million new enrollees and a mandate to buy insurance or else. And they are not constrained to hold down their costs. However, when those that are working see an exponential increase in their out of pocket costs for health care they will be screaming for a one payer system. Exactly what was wanted in the first place.

Free markets left to themselves run amuck eventually. Large cooperations frequently are greedy. So how can this be controlled in a free market system. Antitrust law used to be used to break up large monopolies example Microsoft should have been broken up it is a monopoly. It was not because it was in bed with the government, prostitutes get away with murder. Small and medium size companies competing keep quality up and prices down.

So who are the monopolies in our country? The ama, ada, state government, local government, teachers unions, auto unions, police unions, firefighters unions, federal employees unions, the federal reserve, and the biggest one of all the federal government, and the list goes on. Does one wonder why government is so in efficient? no competition.

When politicians ask for your vote and give you facts and figures to backup their claim, how are you going to tell if they are telling you the full truth, 1/2 truth or 1/10 truth? Example the president said if you like your doctor and insurance you can keep it, that is true if nothing changes in your circumstances, but as you know insurance and circumstances continually change so that is a 1/10 truth. Romney is guilty of this stretching of the truth also.

So until we have the political will to choose a moderate candidate that best preserves free enterprise and can balance a budget like I have to do in my family and business and does not kill incentives to work with socialistic policies.

Ralph S. Kurti, D.D.S. — Franklin, N.C.


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