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Opinion Letters Ten reasons not to give up on your kids

To all those parents out there who are struggling with your life and your kids, don't give up just yet. Things will always get better. Everyone goes through rough spots and sometimes things seem like they suck but do not give up just yet. Let me tell you guys ten reasons why I think you shouldn't give up on your kids.

1. We are your kids.

2. No matter what we say we love you.

3. We may act like we don't care but we do.

4. Yes we disobey sometimes, but if you really want us to change you have to give us time.

5. We look up to you whether we admit to it or not.

6. When we think of you leaving this world we cry.

7. Sometimes we make you mad, but it's your love that chooses to forgive us. We do not do it on purpose despite what you say.

8. We have good hearts and we know you see what is inside of them.

9. Sometimes we mistreat you, but we eventually come to our senses and feel regret.

10. And finally, when we yell at you ... yes we are mad, and we know it upsets you, but after that happens we feel so bad because we know it is you that love us the most.

So to all you mothers and fathers out there, just know that you have to give your children time to change because it doesn't come over night. Once you give them that time to change you won't regret it, I promise. Some kids are scared to open up and, but time will heal all wounds, then they can open up to the ones they care about most.

Ryan Gillig, 15, Macon Early College


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