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Opinion Letters An ‘allegiance’ to what?

We all have said the pledge of allegiance to the flag, as well as other pledges. It seems as though it can become so common that we take little time to think of why and for what reason I'm pledging. A pledge is a life commitment or an alliance we share as in our flag and “United States Constitution.” Most of us born in America, take little thought why or how these ideals came into being, and our citizens that have come from other countries have been taught a more in-depth civics than most have, and look a these pledges and commitments with more appreciation than most. Also the origins of these pledges come from great sacrifices of people that fought hard and thought deeply of securing a freedom which would last as long as there was human life. These men and women studied and knew that never in history had a nation or a society ever lasted but a brief period of time.

The Romans, Greek, Chinese, Russians, had their revolutions, and the one that took the place of the other was no better that the previous. This was different for America, for the first time in history the framers of this great experiment known as America, wanted a freedom for all that would last the test of time, with a foundation that respected the individual of life, liberty, freedom, ruled by governing laws, and morals to be followed and respected by all who would pledge to this. They knew this lasting freedom could only be done with a respect and a belief in the supreme being, even to those who didn't place a trust or a belief in God, gave weight and credit to the positive benefits it placed on society in uniting each of us to each other, and this was realize within the character and integrity of both men and women.

They also knew, failure to this pledge of ideals would lead to the undoing of this great nation known as America. Some how we have lost sight of much of this, and no longer credit God, but as in every affluent society replace this guidance and look to a political party, religion, higher education, or wealth. Self becomes supreme and we pledge to no other.

Pledges are to be evaluated and taken seriously: The pledge of a committed faithful marriage; the pledge of leadership within our families; the pledge of personal sacrifice and personal evaluation. And the most rewarding and lasting "Pledge of Allegiance," not only for the working of a nation but most for the individual in finding a relationship of the One who pledged Himself to us. This is the essence of life, liberty, and freedom, within a relationship who has put this all in place just for you and me. For whatever we value most, becomes the soul of our society, then a nation. My allegiance is to ... ?

Keep thinking,

Deni Shepard — Franklin, N.C.


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