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Opinion Letters Give the county a present this season

During this busy season when we create so much extra wasteful “stuff,” thanks to Joel Ostroff and team at our Solid Waste Department who provide a convenient process to recycle.

Also, we honor the Iotla dropoff with a 5-star rating. The employees are always outside to help answer questions and unload recyclables. The peppy little lady there, Linda, has sparkled up the “reception area” with colorful seasonal decorations (rescued from throwaways, of course) and always greets the customer with “let me help you,” taking a box of recyclables to deposit in the proper container.

When the county makes it so easy to recycle, why are so many lazy people throwing “cash goods” into the trash dumpsters? The employees have to pull state-banned recyclables from our mixed trash before going to the landfill, so why not help out and save our county money by separating at point source, i.e. home, office, school, church, business.

Please give the county a present this season. Separate and Recycle. It’s so easy! All plastics can be recycled. Besides all newspapers, cardboard, glass, cans, aluminum, think paper! Simply set aside another wastebasket or box for all paper products including packaging, envelopes, magazines, waxed paper containers, wrapping paper ... anything paper. Then toss it into the mixed paper bin when you go to any dropoff. When recycled, it’s a money-maker for us taxpayers and relieves landfill space.

Sure, we should consume less, reuse our packaging containers and recycle what’s left. Could be that there would be nothing to throw away. Try it ... and thanks for doing the right thing and teaching our children good habits.

Debby Boots — Franklin, N.C.

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