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Opinion Letters We expect better from our elected officials

At the most recent town aldermen meeting, I was dismayed when the board did not even apologize for Alderwoman Patillo's verbal abuse and bullying insults to local newspaper reporter Brittney Parker who suffers from multiple disabilities including having recovered from being paralyzed and hospitalized extensively. This noble young lady has overcome remarkable adversity and was horribly insulted until she had to leave the room crying. She was in tears over the insults which, unbeknownst to the Alder lady, were directly about symptoms of her disability. Ms. Parker stood before the board and informed them of the incident. But she was not even dignified with ANY kind of response from the board, much less an acknowledgement. A simple “I'm sorry” works wonders!

So I ask the residents of the town of Franklin, and Macon County, is this the kind of behavior we expect from our elected officials? I'd appreciate the kindness of a public response.

I also expect that Ms. Parker will receive a full public apology. And perhaps the voters will consider that elected officials are role models for the community and should be expected to behave in a civilized manner. Look at the mess in Washington, let's clean it up here first!

James Pader — Franklin, N.C.

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