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Opinion Letters What are we evolving into?

We all are heart broken over the horrific killings of 20 innocent children and six adults that took place in the small town of Newtown, Conn. My wife and I shed tears as we watched and heard how all this pain and suffering was put upon these children and families that lost so much. And how Adam Lanza, a bright but insecure young man 20 years of age, could have such a state of mind as to evolve into the depth of such evil. These families have more to deal with than most of us will have within our lifetime, and they will be in need of our prayers for years to come.

This pain and sorrow pierces the heart of all of us, and this lack of purpose in living seems to be evolving ever darker. Even though we've become more educated and have obtained more knowledge than ever before, this dark rising tide seems unstoppable and we ask ourselves, “Why ?”

I believe God has placed a compass within each of us, that's looking for direction and purpose in life, just as in the young children in Sandy Hook Elementary, in beginning to learn and seek out how this world works and how they relate to it. And like the troubled young man who seemed to be headed for a bright career in engineering, ready to take his education and knowledge and apply it to the future that was before him, but deep within, there was something missing and we may never know all that was troubling him, but it's obvious he had issues to be worked out. We seek answers and remedies·so this cannot happen again, which should always be done. But there's one that's left out of the discussion, and that is, “God?”

One thing noticed in the midst of any tragedy is the seeking out of God. Looking for direction, comfort, and peace in the midst of questions and heartache. We in the modern world, seek more than ever to keep God out of everything, from education, to eliminating a discussion of God in the public square. We're to keep it so private that He's not allowed into the human consciousness, even though His fingerprints are found everywhere. And even His words are written on our monuments throughout this land and early men's hearts were focused on His precepts in the writings and the direction for our nation and the people within. Our currency inscribes a trust and credit towards Him, and not upon the money which the words are written.

We need something bigger than us to follow and give purpose for living. Self, nor anything else fulfills this, no one can show where man can answer life's questions any better now than in the past. The songs we play, the art we see and feel, all display the search and purpose we all look for and desire. The heart and soul longs for this. God desires we find this in Him, this is His story which is still unfolding and wants you to be part of. I just wish Mr. Lanza could have recognized this.

Keep thinking,

Deni Shepard — Franklin, N.C.

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