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Opinion Letters To commissioners: A poem to dissolve the box

Dear county commissioners, today I want to thank you,

For your service, your sacrifice, and all that you do.

Providing direction for the people, of this great Macon county of ours.

A noble task, for any and all, living on this beautiful land, under the stars.

But to the point: About this Recreation Park, at Parker Meadows field,

It seems you could be a little more careful, and thoughtful, with the power you all wield.

I understand, sports are popular, softball’s fun, and fitness is a worthwhile pursuit,

But while you’re thinking games, many people are thinking of where they’re going to get food!

Here you are, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars, dreaming of softball fields,

When tens of thousands of fellow citizens are out of work, worrying about paying their bills!

The good news, I didn’t write this today, to lambast the Board, or make you feel bad,

But rather, to help you awaken to an idea, a solution to many of the problems we’ve had!

Unemployment, too much TV, physical & emotional abuse,

Drinkin’ too much, not loving enough, pornography and drug abuse.

These are all things that arise when people become desperate, and feel like no use.

But here, before your eyes, is a new vision, an inspired way for many to escape this noose.

At this point I should make it clear that this idea doesn’t come from me,

But instead came through me, thinking not of myself, but of how people can be more free.

So I ask first, that you take the idea of a recreation park, and think not of yourself,

Put it back in the box, set it aside for now, and back on the shelf.

Clear your minds. Now imagine, for a moment, an extraordinary place people could go,

Where instead of fear and despair, they could be nurtured, and learn how to cultivate and grow.

Instead of dry, barren ball fields, the county’s peope could cultivate the Earth,

Producing fruits, vegetables and crafts that would greatly increase their mirth!

Parker Meadows fields could be a model, once again a vision, of sustainable farming,

That would get people back to work, sharing the bounty... and a love that’s heartwarming.

Instead of sitting at home, losing one’s dignity, and everything else, all alone and in fear,

The rich land could be used so much better, to spread love, and fresh food, far and near.

For why do we need money, and insurance, if rather we provide health and basic needs?

That’s why I come to beg you, to reconsider, because it’s for the people my heart bleeds.

The best part, most essential, is that there are funds, available to communities like ours,

From state and federal programs, for providing fresh crops, and biofuel for heating and cars.

So there’s nothing at all that stands in the way of turning this project around,

To launch a mission of sustainable agriculture, and living, that could absolutely astound.

The details and experts are available, the farm is ready to go, nothing can stop us,

From enjoying the splendor, life, profit and produce from the seeds we could sow,

It’s not about you or me, but accomplishing something good, for All the people of Macon County.

Bigger than any of us alone. And more vital than ever, to those cast aside from the Products of Whitley.

Enjoying the fruits of nature, science and love, for the Earth and one another; and it can still be fun,

Just as long as you all, the Honorable Board, decides ...

It can be done!


Colin Gooder — Franklin, N.C.

Anyone interested in getting off their couch and contributing their time, physical labor or financial support to the effort to transform this valuable local resource, Parker Meadows field, into a modern marvel of cooperative, sustainable agriculture and biofuel production, may email Colin Gooder at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 828-332-0228.


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