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Opinion Letters The world filled with encroaching darkness

World leadership seems non-existent, the youth of today seems desperate for answers, and our economies are crumbling before us. Everything around us appears darker than it ever has. It’s as though we're in a dark corner looking at a distant narrow window, looking for a brighter light and a lasting hope.

Many are looking and searching but the focus can become clouded by the unending noise modern society spills forth, just as in the beginning of the drug and sexual culture that is still present today. We claimed we were wiser and more intelligent than those before us, all we seek is “freedom,” and where has this gotten us?

Are our personal relationships and the peace we sought with each other any better for this?

I cannot tell you how many people are in part, more broken today than I have ever encountered, families are stretched, relationships make it, but for a short while. We seem ever discontented within our personal selves, mental disorders and the use of tranquilizers and antidepressants are ever increasing. Don't you just want to scream, “Why”? Why with all our advancements and knowledge everything seems to be growing darker? And, I am not referring to anything in the political sense, I'm asking this in a deep personal sense. We seem as though we're drowning, and we grab for anything that seems promising and will save us — money, sex, drugs, a newer relationship, more education or political power.

I know the belief in God or Christ is not for everyone, and you are allowed the right to believe as you will. But what hope can you give me that I can pass down to my young daughter in a hope and trust for the future? I had sought out answers from many and no one has given me anything that is trustworthy or proven. I myself at my daughter’s age was troubled by life for sometime, I couldn't seem to find myself, my college professors told me God was a myth and higher learning would satisfy my yearning, and for some time my heart was dark and narrow. But through grace I trusted in someone I thought I would never consider, Christ. My journey has had its ups and downs, joys, disappointments and sorrows, but this journey has been the most satisfying, rewarding, trustworthy and peaceful than anything of the past. I no longer have the darkness or narrow view I once had, and I hope one would consider this view with a unbiased approach and maybe your darkness will turn to light and a renewed hope. (John 8:12)

Keep thinking,

Deni Shepard — Franklin, N.C.

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