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Opinion Letters Outrageous fraud exposed — for the moment

Kudos to WTHR (Channel 13) in Indianapolis, Ind., and Bob Segall (Eyewitness News) for revealing yet again our government’s failure to protect American interests, this time from blatant and injurious fraud perpetrated with the awareness of one of America's most vital and vulnerable institutions, the IRS.

According to Segall and WTHR-13, a loophole in the tax code allows undocumented workers to collect what is called “additional child tax credit” and is routinely claimed by families who pay nothing in taxes. You can google “Bob Segall, WTHR Indianapolis” and read this for yourself.

Many illegal immigrants are claiming this tax credit for children who have never lived in this country. One undocumented worker told Channel 13 just how easy it is. He said four other illegals filed tax returns using his address though none actually live there. In 2012, those four filed tax returns claiming 20 children and the IRS sent them tax refunds totaling more than $29,000.

A local Indiana tax preparer blew the whistle to Eyewitness News, and to the IRS, on what he believes are millions of people who take advantage of the system to the tune of (according to a U.S. Treasury Dept. audit) $4.2 billion a year. The WTHR investigation concluded this problem is nationwide and out of control.

Of course, since the report became public knowledge, congressional members from both sides of the aisle are expressing shock and outrage. Funny how they only seem to respond when they are pressured or too embarrassed not to. Congress is not too worried though. They know that this (like so many controversies) will soon disappear from the public conscience. For example, the encroachment of 67 national forests by pot-growing, drug-trafficking criminals (also illegals), first revealed by Judy Keen of USA-Today in early January, and there has been nary a peep since.

Democrats will be especially eager to see this IRS disgrace evaporate lest they be forced to act and subsequently chance losing Hispanic voters so crucial to their success. Republicans, on the other hand, recognizing they can never hope to out pander the party that invented pandering, the customary interval of huffing and puffing is fitting and proper before doing what most of the rest of America will do, turn over and go back to sleep.

David L. Snell — Dillsboro, N.C.

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