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Opinion Letters A few things missing from proposed budget cuts

When I look at the proposed budget cuts for the school system I can not help noticing a few things like:

— There are no proposed cuts in pay for the superintendent's pay.

— There are no proposed cuts in pay for the adjunct-superintendent's pay.

— Both pay checks are open to some trimming, they make too much as it is for such a small school system. Besides when half your family works within the system, you have no lack of income

— I see no cuts in the athletics department for the FHS, apparently sports is more important than academic performance.

— No cuts to the school bands, same argument here.

— No cuts in the use of official cars.

— No re-use of the play ground equipment from the former Cowee school, some of which is rather new.

If the BOE did not throw out all that money on new schools but upgraded the old schools, a lot of money would have been saved, money they now need.

At the time they spend all that tax-payers money and put a big burden on future generations of Maconians, they already knew that budget cuts would be in a not so distant future.

This is again a school example of elected and other officials giving the birdie to their constituents and the people they are supposed to serve, after the elections.

The biggest victims will be our children.

Gino De Neef — Franklin, N.C.


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