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Opinion Letters Check out companies before having work done

I would like to warn seniors and especially women to be aware and when you have work done check out references and go see the work that people told you they have done.

I am a very honest, trusting person and I have the tendency to trust other people. My trust and faith in people has really been trampled on. I find myself turning bitter and I know I cannot let that happen as once you lose your faith and trust in people you lose too much. So, I am writing to your paper which I enjoy reading very much.

I try to deal with local people. After filing for legal separation, I started fixing up things that were let go for a few years. My first of four different experiences.

#1. Had my rotten retaining wall replaced. People seemed very nice but needed and wanted to be paid before job was done. I knew better but believed in people and the job was not finished and done poorly. I do have a complaint with B.B.B. of Asheville

#2. Had a new roof put on with a seven-year warranty, was given references, called and checked, all checked out okay. I did not go see as I took their word. Five months later, the roof developed a leak. The roofer I called about 25 times finally called back and promised he would be here the next day to check it out and fix it, but never called or came. Thank God for Servpro who made a emergency courtesy call and discovered no flashing was installed around chimney and needed to be done. They were kind enough to fix the leak temporarily till they could have it done right.

# 3. Tree service fully insured broke a fence and I had to pay to have repaired.

Last but not least, I employed a local gravel company who had a good reputation. After the first load was delivered, I told him I had to leave for a doctor’s appointment, but I felt they could get away with three loads. He asked if you need four, what do I do. I answered go ahead, I will stop on my way home and pay. They charged me for four loads, driveway was really thinly and poorly done. I was told he would spread it out pretty evenly but I would have to do the edges, I said no problem. when I got home I could not believe they did not put any more on driveway going out. He dumped the rest on upper driveway near the house and lower driveway about a foot deep. I got into my garage okay, but the next morning when I went to come up driveway, I got stuck as the gravel was too deep and loose and had to call tow truck to get me out. The driver could not believe how much gravel was dumped in the lower driveway. I called the gravel company and told them my experience, and I was told, that I should not have had this kind if gravel put in my lower driveway. I asked why didn't you tell me, and I was told most people want what they ask for and it wouldn't have done any good. I then asked do you have a grader where you can take some of the gravel off and level it out a bit. He answered no we don't have a grader. I called some one that a friend of mine knows that said would be fair with me. He came over on Saturday and could not believe how the gravel was put down, especially in lower driveway and upper, said this is not the work they usually do, I am shocked. It was the owner that did it.

My wishes, seniors, especially women, please beware. Not all people are honest. Check work that was done. Do not pay in full till you and someone else checks out their work.

Yes, I am dumb, for being trustworthy. No more. But I still have to keep trust and faith in people as I don't want to become bitter. In the future I will have a man be here so they know I am not a gullible senior person by themselves.

Liz Learn — Franklin, N.C.

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