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Opinion Letters Reducing taxes not the solution to N.C.’s issues

The Republicans promised us jobs and wealth, then give us fewer jobs, fewer opportunities and fewer essential services.

The House Republicans in Raleigh have passed their version of the budget. It cuts taxes on the wealthiest households while eliminating the earned income tax credit, which will hurt almost a million middle income North Carolinians. Their tax plan will reduce revenue for state services, including police, fire, roads, water quality, public education, library services, health care and programs that help the poor.

Reducing taxes is not the end-all be-all solution to N.C.’s issues. It just shifts the burden from those who can afford it to those who are just trying to get by. The GOP tax cuts will most help households earning over $100,000. How many households in Macon County would be ecstatic to live on less than half of that?

Using Rush Limbaugh and Fox News, Republicans have brought about a cultural shift. Gone are the days of “Be Thy Brothers’ Keeper.” They’ve replace it with “Every man, woman, and child for him/herself.” In other words, “I’ve got mine and who cares about everyone else.”

The real crime is that Republicans are trying to convince us that greed is good, and that the highest civic duty is to cut taxes rather than help our neighbors. In their eyes, profits and lower taxes are more important than people. All Christians and others of good heart should be disgusted with their trickery.

Further, Republicans in Raleigh and DC want to use their wealth to control us. Leave us alone. We are just trying to make a living while they make a killing off of us.

From an economic and moral standpoint, why did so many of us vote them in?

Call them and write them now before they finalize the budget. Let them know that greed and powerlust are not the answer. Jesus was quite clear about this.

Dan Kowal — Franklin, N.C.


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