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Opinion Letters Plenty of quiet folks support Higdon’s stand

There's been a lot of "Hammer on Higdon" sentiment in the news lately. Commissioner Higdon ran on a promise of smaller government, less spending and less taxes. It's refreshing to see a politician who is willing to stand by his convictions and promises. Higdon has not allowed any special interests to sway him.

Although Higdon, won his election by a substantial margin we continue to see one 3 to 2 vote after another with Haven usually siding with Higdon in the minority trying to control the growth of government and spending. Higdon and Haven recently tried to lower property taxes proposing a 4 and-a-half mil decrease and proving the county had the funds available. They felt the taxpayers could use a break. It fell on deaf ears. Not even a compromise or token half-mil reduction.

Increased spending ... will it ever stop? Ball fields, Sheriff Dept., soccer fields, schools, county employee raises, etc. Did you know that although most county employees got maybe a 1,000.00+/annual raise there's a bunch that got a $3,000.00 - $6,000.00 annual raise costing the county about $800,000 every year from here on? Did you get a raise? Did Macon County's economy grow by 6.8 percent last year? Is your income increasing?

Last year’s proposed budget was $44 million. This year it's: $47 Million. That's a $3 million increase (6.8 percent). Folks, this town and county are withering. Businesses closing, construction barely breathing, real estate still dominated by distress sales yet we continue to increase spending. The "headline" is that our taxes did not increase. Here in Burningtown, our taxes did increase despite Higdon's opposition. So, Commissioner Higdon - thank you for trying and please continue your fight! There's plenty of "quiet folks" out here that support you and Haven, so stand tall! It would sure be nice to see others join you.

Bill Vernon — Franklin, N.C.


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