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Opinion Letters ‘Climate change crisis’ gets plenty of press

I thought only conservatives complained about one-sided reporting by the “lame stream media.”

But in a recent letter to the editor, Shirley Ches, an outspoken Macon County liberal, was also complaining about the “lame stream media.” Initially it had me wondering if I had unknowingly been transported to Alice’s Wonderland. Near the end of the letter it became evident its actual purpose.

Ms. Ches wanted to specifically complain that the “lame stream media” hadn’t provided enough of its usual glowing reporting for President Obama’s recent speech on “climate change.” Or was it on “global warming,” or “catastrophic global warming,” or “carbon pollution,” or whatever the latest focus group terminology for the subject is?

Most of this Obama speech got more reporting than it deserved as he repeated the same lame, factually deficient, rhetoric he’s been reading off his teleprompter for the last five years about “climate change.” What was under-reported, and most disturbing to me, was his promise to use his executive branch minions at the Environmental Protection Agency to attack this non-existent “climate change crisis” via executive fiat through new regulations, since our elected representatives in Congress refuse to meet his demands through new legislation.

Then Ms. Ches finished by promoting a meeting Organizing for Action (OFA) was holding at the library “regarding the [Obama] climate change agenda.”

She had the chutzpah to claim OFA is “non-partisan.” If one googles “Organizing for Action” plus “Obama,” you’ll find over 5.3 million references. OFA is the new name for the Obama campaign’s Organizing for America organization right down to using Obama’s campaign logo as its own logo. OFA now masquerades as a tax-exempt “social welfare” organization. So much for being “non-partisan.”

Ms. Ches and OFA can hold meetings promoting whatever they want. But shouldn’t they be a little truthful about their political objectives to potential attendees? This meeting obviously wasn’t a “non-partisan” discussion of “climate change.”

“Climate change” has been occurring naturally on Earth for billions of years. So what is Obama’s “climate change” agenda, and why does he think he can modify nature?

Vic Drummond — Franklin, N.C.


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