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Opinion Letters Citizens called on to end corporate control

ALEC is a conglomerate of corporations and congressmen who work in support of never-intended “rights” bestowed on corporations by the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision. When the U.S. Constitution was adopted, state corporate charters granted only “privileges.” Now corporate “rights” sanction their buying of elections and subsequently the instructing of federal and state legislation. ALEC-written-legislation is sent to elected state and federal representatives who seem unable to resist the wanton ALEC bribes because of money they need for reelection. Quid pro quo exemplified.

“ALEC, the immoral well where our legislators draw their water”—I found this quotation on Facebook—words which paint a sadly accurate portrait of the shenanigans in North Carolina’s latest General Assembly session. The current gerrymandered majority has passed one regressive bill after another in support of the wealthy—including corporations like Duke Energy—and withdrawn all manner of provision from the rest and the least among us. The list is cruel, broad and endless.

I urge all fair-minded persons who support our constitution’s rights for all human citizens—not only the wealthy few—to join two grassroots efforts:

Attend the Aug. 28 (5:30 p.m.) “Bring the Dream Home” rally at Sylva’s Bridge Park commemorating the 1963 March on Washington and to protest actions taken by the N.C. General Assembly majority.

Next, help to end corporate control by signing this petition: http://movetoamend.nationbuilder.com/petition

Lucy Christopher — Cashiers, N.C.


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