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Opinion Letters ‘Crisis’ is in the eyes of the politician

Critics of my recent letter to the editor accused me of being a Nazi propagandist, a “radical,” a “flat-earther,” a “liar” (unspecified), and ignorant of “the facts and science.”

Why the vitriol? I dared to write that the “global warming crisis” was non-existent. That view contradicted President Obama’s “We Need to Act” [on “global warming”] speech on June 25, 2013, and that cult-like belief of many leftists. Leftists world-wide have used this “crisis” to advance their political agenda for bigger government, increased regulation, higher taxes, and wealth redistribution.

Australian voters just replaced their government after experiencing the devastating economic impact of implementing Obama-like initiatives to attack the non-existent “global warming crisis.” Can the U.S. learn from other countries?

My critics’ reaction demonstrates how politicized the science of “anthropogenic (man-made) global warming” (AGW) has become. A AGW skeptic like me, who is waiting for proof of the theory, is treated like a dolt and heretic to be defamed for blasphemy.

AGW has been studied at massive expense by thousands of scientists world-wide for decades. AGW theorizes that the approximate 1.5°F rise in Earth’s average surface temperature over the past 130 years is primarily due to man-caused increases in carbon dioxide gas (CO2) levels in the atmosphere. The scientific method, many of us learned in science class, requires every theory be proven by experimentation and data. Since supporting data doesn’t exist, AGW believers, like Obama and my critics, simply claim “scientific consensus.” Unfortunately for believers, “scientific consensus” is only recognized by politicians.

That didn’t stop Obama from claiming a “97 percent consensus ... [humans are contributing] to global warming.” Apparently that was based on a Cook, et al. paper. Further analysis of data from that paper by Legates et al. shows only a 0.3 percent “consensus.” Oops!

Great scientists like Galileo and Einstein, demonstrated “consensus” is worthless as their theories prevailed over “consensus.”

I’ve been following the science debate over “global warming,” or “climate change,” or “climate disruption,” or “carbon pollution” or whatever believers call it, for several years. I’m certainly not ignorant of “the facts and science.” Are my critics?

I will remain skeptical of AGW, regardless of my critics’ vitriol. Yes, there is “climate change!” Earth’s climate has been changing for billions of years. Temperatures and CO2 levels continually rise and fall. Recall the ice ages when ice sheets covered most of the northern hemisphere? Ice formed and melted without human activity.

There has been no “global warming” for the past 16+ years as CO2 levels increased. Franklin’s temperature can fluctuate daily by 20°, yet a 1.5° increase over 100 years is a “crisis?”

Weather forecasters do a lousy job forecasting temperatures over 2-3 days, yet we should believe a projected “crisis” temperature increase of a few degrees over the next 100 years?

The Farmers’ Almanac is predicting a “piercing cold” winter. That’s about as accurate as the hundred year temperature projections made by “global warming” believers.

Vic Drummond — Franklin, N.C.

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