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Opinion Letters The Diamond Jubilee Fair Heist

It is always exciting when it is time for the Fair. People plan what they will make or bring and hopefully receive some sort of recognition by winning a ribbon or other prize.

It is always sad to see the fair close but hopefully there will be pleasant memories of good times, good food and lots of fun. But this year there are also some unpleasant memories.

On Sunday, when booths and displays in the educational building were taken down it was noted that several items had been taken from the displays.

I understand this has happened in the past but this year seems to be worse. Some of the items were not terribly expensive, some were, but all were “priceless” to the ones who lost them. Items like pictures, gems and props on loan from local businesses were taken this year. The booths and display are to be looked at and admired, not climbed into and disrupted. Is the cause today’s economy or the lowering of moral standards? It wasn’t all done by kids either. Shame, shame.

It will be sad if in the future the booths and displays have to be protected by fences or other means because some people just can’t do the right thing. If you feel guilty and want to make it right, the items can be returned to the extension office on Thomas Heights Road with no questions asked.

Katherine Kahler, Highlands, N.C.
Macon County Community Clubs


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