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Opinion Letters Are House Republicans violating their oath of office?

Whenever a representative is elected to the U.S. Congress they are required to take an oath on a Bible or by affirmation. They vow to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and to faithfully discharge the duties of the office.

Among those duties is to create a budget and pay government bills. The government default in 2011 caused by the Republicans, cost the taxpayer (you and me) $1.3 billion according to the GAO. Now they are at it again, jobs will be lost, stock markets are in decline, faith in the government to pay its bills are in decline, the economy could shrink by .09 percent and if there is a default the cost could run into the hundreds of billions of dollars.

The Constitution defines the authority of the Congress with its highest priority being to collect taxes, pay bills and to borrow money when necessary. Instead, this Republicanled Congress is threatening a government shutdown and default as a tactic to try and stop the Affordable Care Act which is a law certified by the Supreme Court. If the Republicans don’t like the law then there are ways to deal with it but not by destroying the full faith and security of our government, our jobs, our future and our stability.

If we elect people to represent us we expect, no, we demand, that they uphold the oath of office they swore to God to uphold, not demand a ransom to do so. Perhaps it is time to un-elect these people. Are you listening Rep. Mark Meadows? We need commonsense and moderate representation if America is to be all it can be.

Larry Stenger — Franklin, N.C.


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