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Opinion Letters Health care law fails out of the gate

There will be no end to the damage wrought by the health "reform" in this country as long as people allow the goverment to dictate to them what they are "mandated" to buy. A goverment lead by a man that railed against George Bush for allowing high gas prices and growing the national debt is certainly not fit to espouse a plan that has divided the country and has major legal flaws.

Somehow, the proponents of this plan have determined that putting the insurance industry in bed with the goverment is going to make everyone "healthy." No, putting a vast goverment/ insurance bureaucracy between patients and health care is just piling more big government on the backs of the taxpayers while giving more power to the pencil pushing drones. This is not "health care," it is giving more power to intrusuive, overpaid and overprivileged elected representatives.

As a "tax," the law fails out of the gate; all taxes are to originate in the House of Representitives. Illegal. Period. Even if it is'nt to be "treated as a tax."

If our oh so generous goverment wants to make sure we all have health care, keep the long overdue insurance "reform," such as no denial for pre-existing conditions. Put a tax on everybody’s paycheck for Medicaid, just like the tax for Medicare, and have people get a supplemental policy to participate. Much less burden on the individual than several hundred dollars a month for "insurance" and way more reasonable than expecting the "young and healthy" to fork over a huge slice of their earnings to fund a massive goverment/ insurance juggernaut.

If simplifying and limiting our goverment does not appeal to you, ask yourself, how is a goverment so far in debt that it threatens our country's very existence going to manage your heathcare?

I, myself, can choose to comply with a law I find unfair, unjust, and corrupt, buy insurance I don't want, and then have no money for food. Or I can do what I know I should, as a free thinking individual, do.

Defy the mandate.

Paul Bryant — Otto, N.C.

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