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Opinion Letters Governor knew what he was getting into

For the past few months some of the people in Western North Carolina who write letters to the editor want to blame Governor Pat McCrory for the sorry state of affairs in the state. He knew what he was getting into. He knew his popularity would suffer as he carried out his plan to get the state moving again but that his popularity would improve if he could increase employment and add more revenue to the state’s treasury.

North Carolina was broke when he took over. It is going to take several years to repair the problems he inherited when he became the governor. He worked with the legislators to fix our tax laws that have hurt out state. Companies were not coming to our state because of our tax laws. Do you remember when Hickory, N.C., was the furniture capital of the world? They left the state partially because of our tax rates.

Well over a million people are unemployed in North Carolina. Putting people back to work is the prime interest for Gov. McCrory. Without more people working and paying taxes, teachers, policemen and government works are not going to have their pay increased. Adding thousands of people to the employment list is the only way to increase our state’s income. With the new tax laws several companies have moved into our state and several businesses have announced expansions. Our unemployment rate is now 8.7 percent. We have dropped our state’s unemployment rate down from being #49 to #44 on the unemployment list of states in the U.S.A.

Our state is now faced with the problems caused by the Affordable Health Care Act. This act at present seems to be causing more problems than it was suppose to fix. It is apparent that the people who were in charge of this act did not have the expertise to get it running. It is also apparent that many people who had good health care plans are finding those health care plans being canceled. The American people were told they could keep their doctors and their health care plans if they liked them. That has now turned out not to be the case. Remember that our Gov. Pat McCrory was not the person who made that statement. His one commitment to all the people of North Carolina was to try and help them find jobs, period!

Jim Mueller — Glenville, N.C.


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