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Opinion Letters Logic and facts not part of liberal thought

When it comes to Liberal thought processes, I’m totally lost. Some appear to live in a world of fictional people and things that cannot be, where reality is lost and replaced with magic crystals. Logic and facts are not necessary in their world.

To most of us, two plus two still equals four, but somehow, liberals seem to believe, as if by some magic, they can make it add up to five.

A strange lot, liberals believe that our corporate CEOs are paid too much but approve of our liberal Hollywood celebrities who can earn $50 million a year and demanding our top earners pay more taxes, ignoring the fact that the top 10 percent of Americans already pay on the order of 85 percent of all taxes. Never mind that those CEOs head up companies that provide jobs.

If there is any logic behind all this, it just might be that the liberal left would prefer that all companies be forced out of business and put under the control of a government.

Then we seem to have a group who inherited their position and wealth and feeling some guilt for not having earned it, need another group that they can look down on from their lofty positions which is the poor. Ted Kennedy comes to mind. Rarely do they offer the poor a way to get out of their situation but prefer to keep the poor down by keeping them dependent.

If the liberals didn’t have the poor, they would have no group to use to make them feel better about themselves. A shrink might say they are dealing with conflicting emotions within their own personal lives.

We now hear a lot of talk about raising the minimum wage which any sane person knows will cause even more inflation while inflation is already killing the middle class. Higher wages always blocks opportunity for young people and wipes out millions of retirees and pensioners who worked and saved all their lives.

But, all this is done in the name of fairness. Fair, except to millions of others who suffer from the supposedly good deeds of the great thinkers who live in a fictional world.

History teaches us that when the liberal left have had their way, a country falls into disorder and sometimes, into the chaos we see in Greece. There are no happy workers in Greece. Militant unions control the politics, major industries have collapsed or left the country entirely, youth unemployment ranges above 50 percent and politicians are in a frenzy to solve their problems. Yet, our liberal left would have us follow Greece down that failed path.

Unless they can get things under control, Portugal, Spain, France and Italy will follow Greece.

The message is to be wary of those who offer to help because you may find they prefer you to stay in your place and dependent. In some liberal minds, you are simply a commodity.

Bob Wilson — Franklin, N.C.


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