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Opinion Letters History repeats itself over and over

We repeat our mistakes because we never seem to learn the lessons of history and in our case, we have an arrogant group of liberal elites who are attempting to do away with not only our way of life but establish a quasi-dictatorship run by a liberal aristrocracy. President Obama’s refusal to deal with Congress and bypass them by using executive orders is similar to methods used by many past dictatorships. The people in Congress we elected to represent us no longer have a voice.

We’ve seen it in dozens of countries from Nazi Germany to current events in Venezuela.

Unless we understand history and what it means, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of history. Unlike bird dogs, we do not genetically inherit a knowledge of history. We must each learn from history.

The elite liberal aristocracy only thinks they know what’s best for us and in actual practice, they look down on the working class and prefer them to stay in their place by making them dependent on a big government. In fact, liberals have little understanding of how things work in life, many never having held a real job, and unless they are part of the political machinery, condemn anyone and any business that becomes successful.

Several black leaders, including a black Louisiana senator, have commented recently that the aristocratic liberal class have done almost as much damage to the black people as did slavery. But, it doesn’t end with the black people being kept down; the liberal intent is to keep the middle working class of all colors down as well, trapped in dependency. And when people become dependent, the liberal sense of moral superiority allows them to control us. The result is a liberal aristocratic hierarchy with everyone else subject to their views. But all liberal thinking goes against our knowledge of science and I suspect at least some of them are titillated by lowering our sexual moral codes to the level of Hollywood.

What brought the lack of historical continuity to my attention was a short clip I watched on one of the late night shows. Someone was interviewing people on the street and one of the questions was how the felt about the death of FDR last Monday? All replied that FDR was a great loss and sorry to hear he died. They were then asked which was FDR’s most important accomplishment, the Monroe Doctrine or the Louisiana Purchase?

Dear reader, I hope you know the answers to these questions and if you don’t, we’re all in a whole heap of trouble because we will repeat the same mistakes over and over.

It would be easy to pass off Liberal thinking as simply lazy thought processes and that some just don’t like solving problems. But, it goes beyond that and involves a group who are quite adept at turning their own failures around by making them feel better when others fail. History is filled with lessons for us.

Bob Wilson — Franklin, N.C.


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