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Opinion Letters Dire state of country can’t remain hidden

I have not met Bob Wilson, Carol Adams or Stephen White, but after reading their remarks in the "Letters to the Editor" section, it is quite obvious who has been blessed with, or acquired, a generous amount of wisdom and common sense.

This current administration has a lock on keeping the power of government in democratic control. Nearly 50 percent of our nation is dependent upon government to take care of them and they do not pay taxes. Consider where we are today with what has been done to keep those in poverty right where they are. When you add labor unions, liberals, Hollywood, some illegal immigrants and the media voting for keeping the situation as it is, how is it possible for any other party to be elected and make the changes that will return our nation to normalcy?

In my opinion, in regard to spending, our nation has already gone past the point of no return. We are financially broke and it is only a matter of time until the media will not be able to keep the lid on how dire the current situation is. The state we are in did not happen overnight. When God was taken out of the schools, the work place and the public in general, abortion legalized, tons of regulations piled on business owners, taxes on corporate profit soaring, paying the jobless to stay out of work, political correctness ever present and the list goes on, you quickly realize that something has gone terribly wrong.

I keep hearing people remark that Social Security will not be there for them when they retire. Well, this is a no brainer when more than 55 million babies have been aborted that could have been contributing to the program. In 1940 when Social Security began there were 160 workers for one retired person and the payroll deduction (FICA) was at .02 percent. In 2011 there were three workers for one retired person and the payroll deduction was at 11.0 percent. At the current trend, in 20 years the system will only have two workers for each retiree and the payroll deduction will be a whopping 17.0 percent. Keep in mind that those companies who employ workers are paying into the system as well.

We have a president who continues to sidestep Congress and present programs and laws that have been devised without any input from all members of Congress. A good example is the "Affordable Care Act" (Obama Care). Now, we know some of what is in this debacle. However, the blame for any failure is usually pinned on what has been labeled the "Do Nothing Congress," the Tea Party, someone or something else. This president continues to ignore the law and our Constitution. He has promoted class warfare and refuses to meet with members across the aisle to work out programs we can support, live with and prosper as a nation. Our country has lost world respect and we are seen as a paper tiger thanks to the current administration. Finally, there are those in government, the media and private sector who continue to mention how Social Security and Medicare are government programs and why do those evil Republicans complain about keeping so many on the dole. The government does not finance Social Security or Medicare but it continues to dip into the pot and replace what it takes with worthless I.O.Us. The worker and their employers pay into these programs and the workers believe this money will be there for them when they retire. Regarding dole money, all taxpayers are on the hook to pay for this.

I would be very comfortable in the company of Bob Wilson and Carol Adams.

Tom Wanson — Franklin, N.C.

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