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Opinion Letters Freedom is slipping away in America

I was saddened to read of the actions of the Macon County School Board’s decision to become a party in opposition to School Vouchers. Why should the government hold almost total domination over our children’s education? Why should money taken from the taxpayers for education not follow the student?

Why should parents have to constantly defend their right to say how their children are educated? Why should the public schools not have to compete for students? If they do a better job of educating children than other institutions, they need not fear of becoming irrelevant. Also, properly structured, why can’t teachers’ benefits and retirement follow them as well wherever they choose to teach? Yes, freedom is fast slipping away in America.

It saddens me also, to see our neighbors and friends who are elected to represent us in matters of education fall under the misguided influence of the Washington elite who say, “Trust me, I’m from the government and I’m here to help you for I know best how and what your children need.”

If the members of the school board feel that they need to defend the status quo, let them be honest and foot the bill themselves for this litigation. Don’t use taxpayer money to defend your convictions. Just have the courage of your convictions and write a personal check to the lawyers who are profiting from this action.

It is well to remember that wisdom does not come with receiving more votes than your opponent. It is written somewhere that wisdom comes from above.

Jim Steeley — Otto, N.C.

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