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Opinion Letters Charismatic candidates not necessarily good leaders

Probably one of the oldest traits in human beings is to look for a messiah, someone to come along and solve all of our problems. History is filled with all sorts of gods dating back long before even ancient Greece and their multiplicity of gods.

Ancient tribes needed good leaders in order to survive and even the smallest of tribes had their leaders, often someone who was strong enough to kill the opposition or smart enough to outwit them.

In modern times, we elect people who hopefully, will solve our problems, which is what a democracy is all about. We root for our favorite candidate, just like we do for our favorite football team. But, sadly, we sometimes root for someone who is a great speaker but lacks ability and I would have to put the blame squarely on the television media for this problem. We are beguiled by charm and charisma and on television you only see the good side to the candidate. Many would vote for Justin Beiber for president because he’s a celebrity.

Typically, rumors are circulating about Hillary Clinton being preened for the 2016 elections and experts are trying desperately to improve her image from what was formerly that of a cold and vengeful woman. Never mind that she is building a dynasty which is dangerous in itself and sometimes has led to dictatorships in other countries. If she does run for president, you can be assured that her image will be polished and cleaned up and she’ll be pitched as a messiah.

Leftists have worked hard to paint the Tea Party as being radical when in fact it is the Liberal Leftists who are actually the radicals. The Tea Party simply would like to force government to limit its spending to a manageable level and not load our children with higher taxes. They understand that in just a few years the interest alone on the money we borrow will cost more than our entire military budget. But, again, it all depends on what we see on television and how the media paints them.

So how in heck do we solve the problem of electing folks who are charismatic but lacking in ability to manage the problems of our country? Frankly, I don’t have the slightest idea.

History is replete with people being elected to positions they were not qualified for and many countries suffered disastrously for it.

All I can safely say is that we need to ask more critical questions and demand answers before we cast our vote for someone. Is the person taking our country in the right direction, do they know anything about what made our country so successful and how might they get it moving again?

Right now in our history, like never before, we need to ask questions and forget which party they belong to. Vote for the most qualified, but please, avoid wishful thinkers.

Bob Wilson — Franklin, N.C.


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