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Opinion Letters Retirees have become the silent group

President Obama’s inflationary policies are quickly eating away the security of our retirees.

Apparently afraid that retirees may march on Washington in protest, the IRS has done a good job of striking fear into their hearts and the media has demonized the Tea Party groups who essentially represented the nation’s 40 million retirees.

Retirees are the folks who stashed away a few bucks here and there, lived in modest homes, raised their families and paid into company and union retirement funds Their money grew through their investments and previously felt secure about retiring.

Many were loyal lifelong Democrats and were from hard working families who held an abiding belief in the American way of life, not realizing that the Democratic Party had been hi-jacked by the Liberal Socialists. As a consequence, many are now changing parties or becoming Independents.

Retirees should remember the horrors of President Carter’s inflation when prices rose as high as 22 percent a year and interest rates were near 20 percent for a car loan. Saved only when President Reagan took office, working people could breathe easier when he nipped runaway inflation in the bud.

But now things have taken a turn for the worse. Just about everything single thing President Obama has done has damaged our retirees. Raising the minimum wage means retirees pay more for just about everything, new and harsher regulations on industry, farmers and business, means higher prices for everything from electricity to food. We are now repeating President Carter’s runaway inflation and forcing the vast majority of our retirees into poverty. Thank God for Walmart for hiring retirees who must to go back to work.

Much of this is brought about by a president who bypasses our elected Congressmen and micro-manages the economy. The problem is that Mr. Obama is not qualified to manage our economy, having never worked at a steady job like you and me. He’s never owned and operated a business. To him retirees are an afterthought and given that most of his policies are merely designed to garner votes for the Democratic Party, retirees are paying the price for his continual campaigning. Perhaps he figures retirees can just go on food stamps and move in with their kids.

Inflation is not just about having to pay more for a burger at McDonald’s. It begins with the cost of manufacturing fertilizer to grow the food you buy. It involves strict EPA regulations on hog farmers causing bacon prices to double. And the list is long, down to the very root of our economy. Just about everything made in America costs more and those costs will continue on up, given the propensity for this administration to micro-manage our economy.

Retirees need to be heard. Write or call your Congressman, join the Tea Party, or vote for someone who has business savvy and knows how our national economy works. In short, raise hell. It’s your money being wasted on political campaigning.

Bob Wilson — Franklin, N.C.


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