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Opinion Letters Health care system a ‘money river’

The Democrats believe in a single payer plan, called a universal health care system, which is affordable health care for all citizens. Vermont has the only single payer plan in America, and it is a democratic state. The people in the state of Vermont have free health coverage called the Green Mountain System. Many states already have affordable health care coverage for everyone, but not our state. North Carolina voted to cut federal health care coverage for the working poor. North Carolina is certainly one state that needs affordable health care coverage because so many people in the state of North Carolina fall under the line of poverty even though most of them work.

Some think that poor people are one of the main reasons why the country is so in debt and it's all their fault. I don't think that's true. Jobs in rural areas like Franklin, N.C. where many people work at the big chain stores or other minimum wage jobs. These days there are mostly part-time jobs because corporations do not want to give their employees full time health benefits. There are so many people who can only get part-time work or got laid off because of the health care mess. This is not right to do to our citizens. There are so many people in this town who are working part-time, going to school, and trying to support a family. If someone gets a strep throat, their last resort is to go to an Urgent Care Center and get charged $300-$500 for a doctor's appointment. Who can afford that? Or they can make an appointment at the clinic and maybe see someone in six weeks.

www.healthcare.gov is the only promising insurance plan you can get, don't go the other web-sites for they are mostly fake. Healthcare.gov is good for some people who make between $11,600 to $45,000 a year. Meanwhile, the working poor who make less than $11,600 per year have to pay out of pocket the full amount, at least $150 a month, to get their own health insurance. They cannot get any help with their insurance because they are earning below the poverty level, and in North Carolina they don't qualify for any help at all. It is unrealistic to think they can pay at least $150 per month for insurance because that's too much out of their paycheck. Keep in mind there are many plans, and you will have to see what you will qualify for yourself, this is just a little insight into what many working poor people are going through in this area.

Making profit off the sick is a very naughty thing to do. Looking at what has been going on in Washington, it seems like the health care insurance plan is tuning into a "money river" for somebody. The health care is basically supporting very big business like the insurance companies who work to make a profit from healthcare for their stockholders. And so the health facilities nowadays are giving out lots of prescription medicines and anti-depressants. It seems like the insurance and drug companies have bought out most of Congress and are making mega bucks. I think a government single payer plan might be better, but any plan can fail if it is taken over by greedy people who are only in it for their own profit.

Maybe one day America can cut down on its spending on wars and wall street/bank/insurance scams and bailouts and balance the budget again. I think we should have more clinics and doctors who are being paid yearly by the government to treat people when people really need to be treated. There will be more jobs for people in the medical area as well. I don't think it's because there are too many people in America, and that's why we all can't have a better health care plan. America is just over-spending on big unnecessary and false corporations. I believe, though the Democrats have made a deal with the Republicans to have healthcare for profit, that this is the best compromise that we can do for right now.

Many are taught to hate Obama because the country is in such a mess, well the country was already in such a mess before the president got put into office, and so you might want to point fingers at someone else. The most we can do is write letters to our government, and come together because we all want this to work out.

Diane Rowland — Franklin, N.C.


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