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Opinion Letters What I really said to the Smoky Mountain News

Words are powerful, constructive or destructive, communication tools. The following words, my words, were the words spoken to the reporter with the Smoky Mountain News division within Macon County Republicans.

Contrary to the words printed in the Smoky Mtn. Press, and subsequently circulated via email, the term “Right Wing” is not in my vocabulary. I simply don’t use that term because I strongly believe that labels are divisive.

Jim Gray, Joyce Roberts, Ron Peacock and I were approached by a reporter from the Smoky Mountain News following Ron Haven’s Challenge to Residency hearing. The reporter asked “Isn’t the real story of today’s hearing the division, the rift in the Macon County Republican Party.” I replied, “No, that is simply not the case. There is no rift, no division in our party.”

The reporter asked, “how do you explain the moderate and far right views taken by two individuals (she named them, I will not) who both say they are Republicans?" I replied," You will need to speak to them directly to learn their positions. I’m not sure your labels are even accurate.

Conservatism under the Republican umbrella is on a continuum. Freedom Works is to the right of most of our Republican Party members. Some Republicans are more conservative than others but all shades of conservatism can fit under one umbrella. In fact, the origin of the Democratic challenge to Mr. Haven’s residency is the real story of the hearing.”

She requested my name and our group walked away to go to lunch. End of story. Period.

The reporter only scribbled a few words on her notepaper. For the majority of the short conservation her pad and pen were in her bag.

Continuing the fabulous energy and unity of the MC Republican Party Convention yesterday, may we all remember Ronald Reagan’s 11 Commandment: “Do not let one Republican disparage another Republican.” Please join me in pledging to stay on that high road with both our words and deeds.

Carla Miller — Franklin, N.C.


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