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Opinion Letters Humanity is basically good ... or is it ?

We seem to look upon man as being basically good, the bad or evil part of man comes from his environment and the way he approaches the world that he finds himself in. The psychiatrists, educators, politicians, even some of the clergy have stated this, and many believe this. We're told man’s problem is how society is structured and built ... and not how man is structured or built. We all are dismayed when someone destroys life and property, and taking what does not belong to them. But why? Why should we care? Has our behavior evolved better than in the past? Don't we correct this with some type of therapeutic cure?

We hear of why society is dysfunctional, disrespectful and inhumane, because of a lack of self esteem or some disorder, and bad choices are labeled as a disease. We hear this from our governmental, educational and penal systems, we all are victims and it's the other person or society's fault. I'm not saying that any of this hasn't a place as being part of a problem, but what I am stating is we've taken the personal responsibility and the innate cause of the self as being basically good, when in fact it is basically evil, in need of being good. Man’s failure began with rebellion which started in early creation. The highest value for the individual comes from our Creator and that we seek out the betterment of all humanity, which also places value for justice as well. Even in justice being served, within the punishment and correction there is a value of worth for trying to set things right and there's a payment and price for the wrong that has been done.

These values are set within the human heart and are sought out by all of us. But where does this come from? If we are a product of time, plus matter, plus chance, why don't we seek value in evil or wrong doing instead of good, for evil can pay an even bigger and faster dividend. Shouldn't it be survival of the fittest? So why is this wrong? I see no other cause for this except it is “God's Image” or finger print within the heart of each of us as individuals. (Romans 2:14- 15) Where else is there a foundation in the value of life and the search for justice?

We've minimized that evil within us even exists, because we've been deceived that there's no need for truth, morality, or accountability. This had been once felt and directed from the heart and mind, but now its directed by feeling with what satisfies the eye in what we see, and the imagination has no boundaries. But all seek and look for value and worth in relationships and the meaning of life, our written words in song, poems, books, as well as in art, cry out for these values, whether found, or in searching for. It seems our heart is forever restless until we can find meaning in all of this. All this can be followed in God’s written word, it explains where we have come from and where we going and everything in between.

Keep thinking,

Deni Shepard — Franklin, N.C.

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