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Opinion Letters Challenge hearing a joke

Stop the Press! I've heard it all now. Tell me what happened to honesty and going by the rules? I guess not here in Macon County. The hearing to find out where commissioner Ron Haven lives was taken over by his high powered lawyers. They ran all over the Macon County reps. They allowed the hearing to be poorly handled.

This commissioner by his own lawyers admitted to be away from Macon County better than half the time, I ask, when does he act on behalf of us citizens of Macon County?

Oh well I guess if you can afford to hire high powered lawyer to do your talking you’ll have no problems doing your bidding in our county. It’s a shame the way some people bend the rules for their benefit and shame on the people in office to allow this to happen.

I will vote for a person who I know lives in the district, and I know will spend 365 days here doing the business of our county not spending most time away.

Well I got it off my chest, so be it.

William L. Trapani - Franklin, N.C.

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