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Opinion Letters Replacing one party for another does not work

I'm not sure The Macon County News (April 10th) intended this but I could not help but notice the unmistakable contrast between John Whitehead's rather sour countenance on page 12 and the good-natured smiling faces of three of North Carolina's Congressional Representatives on the facing page (page 13).

Of course, Virginia Foxx, Mark Meadows, and Patrick McHenry have every reason to smile just as John Whitehead (explaining how our not so illustrious United States Congress is ripping us off) has every reason not to.

I cannot possibly add substantially to Whitehead's column except to say that I agree with his conclusion that Americans face a situation similar, in many respects, to those who lived in the colonial era. Of course, neither Whitehead or this writer are the first to look at our own government and draw that same conclusion.

An all-out revolution today (unlike the 1770's) would involve a face-off against the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, the Coast Guard, National Guard and the Reserves. Obviously surrounding them's out.

Our representatives (with their Cheshire cat grins) know well our predicament just as they know their perks and pay will only increase, that their tax benefits, pensions and health care will reward them and their families handsomely for life.

They're also well aware that (thanks to gerrymandering) approximately 95 percent of them can be reasonably confident they'll be re-elected until they either die in office or choose to leave of their own accord.

There is one thing we possibly could do as voters to cause a complete about-face of this sorry state of affairs. However, it's an idea so farfetched, so remotely improbable, so absolutely unthinkable I'm not sure I dare utter the words. Oh what the hey.

Almost everyone I know seems mysteriously joined at the hip with, and zealously loyal to, one of the two major parties. They believe (wrongly, as evinced by our present state of affairs) that all we have to do is elect more Democrats (or more Republicans) and everything will be just wonderful. We know (or at least we should) from decades of experience, of replacing one party with the other, that's just not true, it doesn't work.

What our congressmen and women need is a real jolt, something to shake their trees and rattle their cages, perhaps even modify those beaming smiles a bit. What every single American voter needs to do is not vote for anyone with an "R" or a "D" after their name. Stop sending them money, stop going to their political gatherings, stop listening to their lies, fabricated accusations and false promises and, above all, stop sending them to Washington to get rich on our hardearned money. Tell them in one collective voice that we simply don't trust them to act in the best interests of our nation or our people.

David L. Snell — Dillsboro, N.C.


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