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Opinion Letters Man and nature seem forever restless

Nature seems to renew itself in early spring, the clean cool fresh air, the blooming of wild rose, azaleas, and rhododendrons, life seems to spring forth from everywhere. But nature also seems in the decline, the reduction of habitats and forest areas are putting stress upon nature. Pollutants are effecting even places seldom ever visited as in the Arctic regions. We have the different species of plants and animals that are under stress for their survival. Nature seems it's looking for some relief, but it's having difficulty in getting there. This to some extent has always been with us, but seems more so today than ever before, it even seems to parallel the plight of the world which we live, in that every nation even ours seems to be in decline looking everywhere for relief and a direction to follow. We look for something or someone we can trust with character, and a track record we can build our trust upon, but again, we never seem to get there.

In ancient Israel, the nation had turned away from God and his truth, the prophet Jeremiah cried out that there was death in the city. He was not only speaking of physical death, but a ever more encompassing death. Because within Israel's society they had turned their ways towards self and against God. So it wasn't only a physical death but a “cultural death” as well. Many may wish to ignore or turn a blind eye to this, but I personally feel, this parallels where we find ourselves today. Most feel as long as I can get what I want and need, I'm okay. Government or someone that either gives me or may promise me what I want, whether realized or not, are content to be ruled by those who give. Even this culture has come to the church as well, we can wish things different but as long as our personal lives are not in chaos, all is well. Our death of values has also become a death of knowledge, because values and knowledge are relative and finding God in what we discover is not acceptable, it must be something else.

Many cities and streets in the world as well as here in America were once wholesome and safe, they had value and meaning and a moral culture within them, but now is replaced by squalor and a decadence of culture and society. Which reflects what we ourselves have become. It seems this has come slowly but steadily, like the frog in the pan of water that doesn't notice the heat until it's too late.

Some think that liberty, truth and morality are of no value in modern living, it’s only personal peace and affluence that is valued, so no opposing voice is ever given as long as I'm comfortable in my own setting. There's no lamp on a hill to be found or followed, world nations and governments seem beside themselves as well as most of us feeling things are uneasy, even nature seems to feel this uneasy restlessness. (Romans 8:19-25)

Keep thinking,

Deni Shepard — Franklin, N.C.


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