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Opinion Letters No reasonable solution to immigration problem

As our Latin population grows and they gain more political clout, it becomes more difficult to come to a reasonable solution to the question of immigration from Latin America.

We have the humanitarians who don’t want the recent overwhelming influx of children crossing our borders to be returned to their home country citing the dangers these kids face in their home countries which is hypocritical because they ignore the other starving and dying children in the rest of the world.

I therefore must ask where does one draw the line? All told, there are probably 100 million or more suffering children at risk in places like Africa and the Middle East. Millions of kids starve to death in those countries annually.

We could probably pick up another 100 million kids from places like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Although not politically correct to say, the root cause of the problem is over-population. They don’t have the resources to provide jobs for their population. Does anyone doubt that the Latinos cross the border to find work in America because they can’t find work in their home country? For example Egypt has a population of around 80 million but has jobs for only 20 or so million, having outgrown their resources. The reality is that Latinos come to America because they have used up their own resources and now want our resources.

I was listening to a commentator on television make the point that we are a nation of immigrants and while this is true, there was a time when our population was only 25 million and we needed immigrants. Her point was that we should continue to encourage people to immigrate to America, but there is one major problem with that; America does not have unlimited resources. There is a breaking point. I read an article some years ago by an economist who said that when our population reaches 500 million, America will collapse as we know it, having used all of our ground water for growing food and fuel for keeping the lights on.

Whether 500 or 600 million, the point is that we cannot continue to grow at the rate we are growing and we cannot be the salvation of the rest of the world. We cannot save all the children of the world and we can’t favor one group of children over another.

Some respectable scientists tell us that we can handle a world population of 9 billion and if we stretch things to the maximum, we may be able to do that and perhaps science can provide methods for growing more food to feed us. But one must ask what happens when we reach 12 or 15 billion? What happens when we run out of oil/coal and fresh water? Where does it all end?

America needs to forget politics and do some long range planning and if we don’t, our grandchildren are going to pay a huge price.

Bob Wilson — Franklin, N.C.

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