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Opinion Letters Speaker’s quote begs clarification

I was appalled by the choice of language of the speaker Dr. Terry Stoops. Is this what he said? Verbatim?

“If I have a choice between school A and school B, [and] school B better meets the needs of my child, I’m going to send it to school B, and the state will put its money behind that school.”

Would you please verify that the speaker referred to a child as an “it,” in your quotation?

Michael Waters — Franklin, N.C.


Editor’s Response: Yes, Michael, Dr. Terry Stoops — Director of Education Studies at the John Locke Foundation — did in fact refer to his child as “it” several times in his speech. Macon County News reporters utilize recorders so that we can accurately report statements for quotes. We assure you that Dr. Stoops said “it,” and then repeated “it” as he advised the public to privatize the education system in North Carolina and across the nation.

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